ADR 2023-2024 code boeken (Flemish edition)



Order this ADR code now for the introduction price of € 95, – excl. VAT.

This publication is a “must have” for anyone who needs to be aware of the rules for national and international road transport of dangerous goods. Whether you work on the planning of a logistics department, at a transport company or in the warehouse. These are the books you should have. You will also need this official translation into Dutch of the English edition when you are going to take an exam as an ADR safety advisor. Also useful when you are a dangerous goods driver.

This will keep you fully up to date with the current legislation 2023-2024. This set consists of a set of two manuals that are immediately available.

This publication is a special Flemish edition and contains the KB. In addition, of course, the ADR in the Dutch language.

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