E-learning ADR Awareness (Kroatian)



With the ADR Awareness (Kroatian), everyone who participates in the chain of the transport of hazardous substances is demonstrably trained. The course must be demonstrably attended by all employees who perform tasks related to the position of sender, consignee (receiver), packer, filler, loader, unloader of hazardous substances.

About the ADR Awareness course

The E-learning ADR Awareness Course focuses on the transport of hazardous substances by road. Many topics from the ADR and the job tasks are discussed: from the classification of hazardous substances, labels / labels, packaging, job tasks, 1000 points, etc. The E-learning consists of two modules:
Module 1: ADR and its functions
Module 2: From labels, packaging to shipping and other tasks.

The course will be concluded with a test at the end. At least 70% must be achieved for this. If the result is satisfactory, the participant of this course will receive the ADR Awareness Certificate. This allows the employee to demonstrate during an inspection that he or she has the correct training and qualifications. The ADR driver who drives more than 1000 points should not follow this course, but obtain an ADR diploma (CBR).

Certificate and duration

The theory of Basic Knowledge of Hazardous Substances is realized through E-learning. You can stop E-learning at any time and continue. After learning the theory, the student takes a final Basic Knowledge of Hazardous Substances exam. If the student has completed the online exam with 70% or more correct, then she/he has automatically passed. Your certificate can then be easily and directly downloaded and/or printed online.

Order this E-learning?

Would you like to order the course only for yourself (i.e. 1 student) (indicate ‘individual’) or if you want to order for a number of students (indicate ‘group’). When clicking on ‘group’ you can also choose whether you also purchase the course for yourself (check ‘enroll me’) or whether you only wish to purchase the course for your employees (you let ‘enroll me’ empty). In the dashboard after logging in you can purchase courses and you can see how employees have progressed with their course. So you keep the overview.

The ADR Awareness course from SafetyNet Academy can be completed in a few hours. Learn at your own pace!

In addition to the E-learning ADR Awareness, SafetyNet Academy also offers the E-learning basic knowledge of hazardous substances. If you are a planner within a transport company, courier, packer, loader or unloader of trucks, then this ADR Awareness course is recommended. When working as a warehouse employee or employee in the factory and you work with hazardous substances, the Basic Knowledge of Hazardous Substances Course is recommended.

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