E-learning Working with hazardous substances in the lab (Dutch)



Laboratory technicians often undergo extensive training in their early careers, which equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle hazardous substances safely. However, as time passes, some of this knowledge can fade due to a lack of exposure or changes in best practices. Chemicals, equipment, and safety regulations can all evolve, leaving technicians potentially unaware of new risks and safety measures.

The course is presented in clear and comprehensive online presentations about working with hazardous substances in the lab.

About the course

This online course contains multiple modules and topics:

  • Legislation and regulations on the storage, transport and use of hazardous substances.
  • The classification according to the GHS and ADR as well as the properties of substances.
  • Safety in the lab, reading Safety data sheets and wearing PPE.
  • The storage and the separation of substances.
  • Dealing with calamities involving hazardous substances in the lab.

Preparatory training
A preparatory training is not required. This is a basic course of dangerous goods that can be successfully completed by anyone who works for it. Therefore, we have not provided a recommended time for the course.

Certificate and duration
The course is concluded with a test with multiple choice questions. If the student has a score of 70% or more, he or she will receive the Certificate E-learning Working with hazardous substances in the lab. The course takes about 4 hours depending on the time that is put into it. We recommend that you go through all modules at least twice, so that the knowledge stays in place.

Language: Dutch

Order this E-learning?
Indicate in the ordering process whether you are ordering the course only for yourself (ie 1 student) (indicate “individual”) or whether you are ordering for a number of students (indicate “group”). By clicking on ‘group’ you can also choose whether you also purchase the course for yourself (tick ‘enroll me’) or whether you only want to purchase the course for your employees (you leave ‘enrolll me’ empty). In the dashboard after logging in you can purchase courses and you can see how employees are progressing with their course. So you keep the overview.

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1. Who can benefit from this e-learning course?

  • This course is designed for laboratory technicians and anyone working with hazardous substances in a laboratory setting.

2. Is there a recommended time frame for completing the course?

  • There is no recommended time frame. Students can complete the course at their own pace.

3. What is the passing criteria for the course?

  • To receive the Certificate in E-learning Working with Hazardous Substances in the Lab, students must score 70% or higher on the final test.

4. How often should technicians revisit the course for updates?

  • It is recommended that technicians review all modules at least twice to ensure their knowledge remains current.
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